Monday, March 2, 2009

Why Kraftomatic?

I love crafts. There's something soothing about making things, and something almost equally soothing about looking at things other people have made. I'm sure there's an evolutionary reason for this appeal (though I'm not qualified to speak to that). It almost feels we're hardwired for handmadeness -- or at least it feels that way for me sometimes.

So the recent resurgence in crafting has been a good thing. I'm happy about it. I make things myself, I buy things from Etsy and other crafting/design sites. In fact, I'm a bit addicted to the Pounce button on Etsy, which yields a never-ending crop of the latest sales, the newest wares, and a far-ranging collection of stuff people have made, much of which is beautiful, striking, impressive, witty, appealing, occasionally irresistible, and of course by definition creative.

In short, I come in peace.


There are some creations that are just so unusual, so questionable, so 'out there' just have to laugh. I'm not saying these creations have no merit. I'm not saying they have no market. I'm just saying I find them...odd, sometimes wonderfully so.

So in the spirit of everyone throwing their two cents in about everything, I thought I'd start a little blog where I 'curate' some of the more surprising finds I stumble across in the world of online crafting.

I hope you enjoy these finds as much as I do. I hope you take them in the spirit they are intended -- that is, to make you smile. (And if your creations are featured here, I hope that you, most of all, take no offense. It takes all kinds, and your unique vision is clearly getting you noticed.)

With no further ado, some crafts (krafts?) for your viewing pleasure.... StumbleUpon


  1. I'm with you. Madeline and I have been taking classes like "make your own lipbalm" and "make your own snowglobe" at the Etsy Labs in Bklyn. So far no "make your own feminine supplies" class has been on offer, but I will be sure to try to gross her out by mentioning the possibility...Anyway, I'm following, subscribing, commenting, whatever I can do to support your vision. (K.S.)

  2. Hi Marian! I'm a writer at the LA Weekly. I'm enjoying your blog quite a lot. I'd love to do a Q&A with you about it and link to it from our website. I couldn't find an email contact for you on here, so I'm hoping you get this comment. If you get this message and are willing to answer a few questions via email, you can drop me a line at