Sunday, May 31, 2009

The saddest little bears in the world

These dysphoric playthings are sure to inspire a few social workers of tomorrow.

The only thing missing is a crocheted pint of microbrew


Yes We Cat

The first black feline president looks a little sad in this portrait. I guess any cat wearing clothes is less than thrilled.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Driver's ed begins at home

It's never too early to start crocheting for your child's vehicular education.


The Ovulating Crafter?

I don't know...maybe the baby lust is getting out of control?
Baby Planter, Baby Salt and Pepper Shakers, Upside-Down Baby Head Bowl:

Mexican bingo meets the land of the cozy

A confession: I kind of like these. For a more conversation-starting approach, consider convo'ing the seller to request some of the other loteria designs (The Drunk, The Apache, and Death come to mind). StumbleUpon

The cozy side of shacklewear

This piece of statement neck art, made with upcycled sweatshirt fleece, is so comfortable you'll almost forget you're wearing it. Fortunately, the looks you'll get from bemused passersby will remind you. StumbleUpon

Not for everyone

Guinea pig rice pouch heating pad, anyone?


I know the feeling, cont'd.

Being cheerful takes its toll.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Citronella-scented, of course

I hope this bug-light soap is vegan.


Overcrafted kids, cont'd

The leg warmers are a festoon too far. Can you blame him for a little passive resistance? (Everyone knows horizontal stripes are unflattering.)
This reminds me. I haven't posted many sad models lately. I'll keep an eye out. They make me smile.

Calling all cougars

Now that's what I call spotting. These animal-print pantyliners will give you quite a scare when you stumble into the ladies' room after a couple of cocktails. StumbleUpon

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Old School

Does aluminum cause Alzheimer's? Maybe this is the test: Do you remember these?


I know the feeling

I've never been wetfelted, but somehow I know how this "big guardian angel" feels. We all have those days.

Wait, it's a guy? And it's 11 inches tall? Maybe I can't relate after all.


Soap or Not Soap?



You've got to give this crafter credit. Why? Because these pics are selling. At $15 to $20 a pop. Wish I'd thought of this one myself.


This makes me happy. Flight of the Conchords!

Crochet's innocent victims, cont'd.

Thank god spring has finally arrived.

Monday, May 25, 2009


This seems like a labor-intensive way to thwart your artistic child. Or maybe it's a Statement? Well, the wooden model seems to be getting a kick out of the whole thing.


Humans 1, Sparrow 0

This is a trend I'll never understand. Apparently, this piece was created by casting a real sparrow foot into sterling silver.



Unflattering collectibles

The down side of fame...Jackie O never looked so unfortunate, and Dolly Parton never looked so unendowed. And Paul Potts (of Britain's Got Talent fame) never had a doll made in his likeness, I'm guessing.


Cozy knows no season

If you've already finished your reindeer sweaters, these seem like a labor-intensive way to pass the time until Santa comes around again.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fashion's tiniest victims, cont'd.

Babies in tutus. Wrong in every way.

My steroid baby

A cautionary doll.

Confusing dolls and the people who make clothes for them

These strange creatures are going to be in my nightmares. How tall are they? The sweater dress is kind of cute, though. (Kidding.)
(Obviously only the clothes are for sale. You already have the dolls.)

Rare stakes

I'm not an expert on lawn ornaments, but these strike me as odd. The freakishly large hypodermic needle scares me, and the karaoke theme doesn't seem very flowery. Thoughts?


Caffeinated-beverage-of-our-choice cozy

Soda, tea bag, latte...monkey cozies all around.