Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Somehow this manages to be depressing and overly optimistic at the same time.

His and Hers Ice Cream Cozy Set: StumbleUpon

Cuttlefish and friends

You don't see crochet patterns for cuttlefish, prawns and squid every day. Or maybe you do. But I can't wrap my mind around that.


They plump when you knit 'em

From the cheerful smiles it's clear they haven't heard what real hot dogs are made of. StumbleUpon

Monday, September 28, 2009

Original Sin, Felted Edition

If you're still reading this, I'll mention the $500 price tag. Talk about a sin! I kid. But seriously.

Adam and Eve: StumbleUpon

A work in progress

I'm no expert, but to my eye this handled cozy could use a few more hours of workshopping.

Spring Pea Green Cotton Coffee Cup Holder: StumbleUpon

Felted Chewbacca?


Needlefelted Chewbacca: StumbleUpon

Why Didn't He Call?, cont'd.

This could be why.

I Love Wine Pillow: StumbleUpon

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

TMI, cont'd.

If this is what Mother Earth looks like, I wish this crafter had kept it to herself.

Needle-Felted Mother Earth: StumbleUpon

'Tis the Season, cont'd.

Halloween is coming. Toddlers beware.

Toddler costume: StumbleUpon

Doll Parts

Says the seller: "Don't you think it is sexy for you doll??"

Red Bikini: StumbleUpon

Life on a Knitted Farm

This is quaint. Just don't name the chickens.

Family of chickens
Brown Icelandic Sheep
Fried Egg StumbleUpon

Just bulbs

No, it's not an anti-smoking ad (NYC reference?). It's a fennel bulb, obviously. And, to quote the seller, it's "Tonal stalks with a pin-tucked bulb." Obviously.

Fennel Bulb: StumbleUpon

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Breaking news: The new Fascinators are here!

I know. Exciting.

Fascinator fans, you know who you are.

Proud as a Peacock Headband Fascinator
Blue Bird Headband
Autumn Origins Red Paper Oak Leaf and Acorn Headband
Monarch Butterfly Frenzy Headband StumbleUpon

(Not) Just for Men

I'm as confused as you are.

Hat tip (beard tip?) to Ana!

Creamy White Beard
Bowtie Moustache
Ginger Fu Manchu Moustache StumbleUpon

Your coffee called

and it's asking where its sweater is.

Also, could you make it flattering?

Coffee Coat:

Multicolor Mug Cozy:

Grass Green Adjustable Cozy:

Mug Cozy:

Natural Wool Mug Cozy: StumbleUpon

Halloween is coming...

Get a little scared.

Orange Hair Hat: StumbleUpon

Monday, September 21, 2009

Three words that shouldn't be put together

Luxury Adult Blanket.

Says the seller:
"It will keep you cozy for the winter months and your house very stylie! Not the normal blankets."

All that for $211.95. I just hope it's machine washable.

Luxury Adult Blanket: StumbleUpon

What's going on here?

Says the seller:
"Made by me from my own pattern, this - cute? - little minimonster will certainly piff up your - or your dolls - day!"

Minimonster: StumbleUpon

Why Didn't He Call?, cont'd.

"He said it was OK for me to bring Buster along...."

Dog Carrier Sling: StumbleUpon

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Limes, Rock, Kumquats

I just thought these were nice.

Two Limes:

A rock:

Kumquats Crocheted in Wool: StumbleUpon

Breaking news.

This water-bottle cozy really makes a statement. Also, it just might turn me off cozies forever.

I know. That's big.

Red, White and Blue Water Bottle Cozy: StumbleUpon

Meet Gene

That's right. Gene the Spleen. You can handle it.

Says the seller:

Nothing says
"I'll keep you lean and clean!"
quite like a spleen

Gene the Spleen: StumbleUpon

Handknit greetings

The next time you're looking for just the right $20 postcard, consider handknit cable in 100% wool.

Cable Knit Postcard: StumbleUpon

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Long-Suffering: A Portrait in Dogwear

There's a special place in heaven for the pets of crafters. Let's hope. StumbleUpon


Says the seller:

"Lime Hearts you all around! Grab you're chocalte pie neck wear for all of falls little happenings...

Two layers of lime "heart" trim along spotted ties, light rose print to the side or off the back with hand pleated white & red striped trim you mighty never be "unprepared" again!"

Um, right....

Strawberry Shortcakes Chocolate Pie: StumbleUpon

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Editor's Note

If this is your dad, I'm very sorry.

Says the seller: "This mask with a prominent beak has been designed specifically for those who wear glasses." Oh, okay. I was wondering what this was for.

Bird Beak Leather Mask: StumbleUpon