Friday, July 31, 2009

Postcard from Pioneer House

The workaday chore of floor-cleaning gets a little cozier with this handmade Swiffer sweater. Pictured with real dirt for that extra je ne sais crochet.

Sweeper cover: StumbleUpon

This just in

Elf cocoon not as much fun to wear as you might think.


Elf Cocoon and Elf Hat: StumbleUpon

Why Didn't He Call?, cont'd.

Here's another piece that won't be doing your social life any favors.

Curry and rice ring: StumbleUpon

Russian dressing

Have you ever wanted to crochet your own babushka? Neither have I. But those who have, take heart. A pattern is yours for the purchasing.

Mitzy's Crocheted Babushka Pattern: StumbleUpon

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's in a name, cont'd.

Is this the kid's name or a little reminder for the diaper-changing parent?

Friends, I fear it's the former.

Personalized Bloomers: StumbleUpon

Lookin' Fly

A neckwarmer made of zippers. What's not to love?

Says the seller: "Zip zip zip."


Zipper scarf: StumbleUpon


I'm sorry.

Pincushion: StumbleUpon

Let's go to the videotape

Says the seller of this neck piece: "Crocheted video tape with a cotton cord next to the neck for comfort." Obviously.

Also, it's $75. Obviously.

Videotape Necklace: StumbleUpon

Nursery Rimes

Says the seller of this handpainted sign: "Use it in a garden, patio, flowerbed, as a shelf or home decor item." Could also work in a baby's room. I'm just saying.

Rectangular Expression Stone: StumbleUpon

Woolly soap. In a good way.

Yes, even in this steamy weather, apparently every bar of soap needs a sweater.

Felted Wool Soap Scrubbie Washcloth Soap Saver:

Felted Soap - Radish Edition:

One of a Kind Felted Soap - Each One a Work of Art:

Woolly soaps: StumbleUpon

I'm Your Fan

Reconnect with your admiration for Shakespeare, Woolf and Picasso every time your room gets a little stuffy.
Fan pulls:

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not another...

...three-legged Italian greyhound painted on a clam shell. I've seen enough of those to last a lifetime. Oh wait, this is one of a kind. Well, still. StumbleUpon

More Apple cozies

iHoodie? iPoncho? iThinkI'llPass.

iPod Hooded Sweater and Poncho: StumbleUpon

You know you're Canadian when...

...your beer's sweater says HOSER. StumbleUpon

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hot hot hot

Nothing cries out for a giant hand-knitted sweater more than a plastic patio chair. Nubby wool in the hot sun. This idea practically sells itself.

Thanks to my buddy Karen for spotting this on Apartment Therapy.

AT story:

Knitted Chairs blog: StumbleUpon

I've been the subject of more than a few unflattering photos. So I think I know how this pincer-legged T-shirt monster who's allergic to mushrooms feels. Don't you?

OOAK plush monster: StumbleUpon

Finger-washin' good

I'm sorry. This one is just not right.

Hot Chicken Wing Soap Set: StumbleUpon

Bad ideas, cont'd.

Would you buy wooden toy swords from this guy? Wait, would you buy wooden toy swords from anyone?

Wooden toy sword: StumbleUpon

The coziest wrist/valuables on the block

Carpal tunnel syndrome and obsessive crafting disorder come together in one super-cozy disaster of a carryall.

Pestos Hand Cuff Bag: StumbleUpon

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Force, at your fingertips

The carpet in the background makes me happy. A whole galaxy on the living room floor.

Star Wars finger puppets:

Presentation is everything

Owl macrame necklace, anyone?

MacraMe knotted owl necklaces:

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'd be willing to bet you're the only one who can't believe it.

I'm sorry. I feel sad now. StumbleUpon

Modern times

Mallard Calculator/Pen. In case those words alone don't seal the deal, the seller adds: "Very original." As in, the very first one? StumbleUpon

Half off

This supposedly whimsical T-shirt makes me feel the opposite of comfortable.

Sale -- Scissors Women's T-shirt: StumbleUpon

Blanket statements

I've never crocheted an afghan. But it's nice to know there are so many patterns to choose from out there, in case the mood ever strikes.

Graphed afghan patterns: StumbleUpon

Fifteen minutes, plus 30 seconds

Some nice news: Last week Etsy linked to the NY Times piece about Kraftomatic. (I did notice some new traffic, and some cool new commenters....welcome!) Best of all, they called us a fun read. It's official -- we're fun ! StumbleUpon

In the name of love

Wait 'til Hallmark gets wind of this. Sorry. StumbleUpon