Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trainwrecklaces: A Primer

A few weeks back, a friend and I were IMing during American Idol (as you do), making the usual witty and incisive observations about the good, the bad and the pitchy, when suddenly, after a commercial break, poor Paula appeared on camera wearing an extremely large metal necklace. It was more like a breastplate, actually. Or a plaque you would hold up in a mug shot, but chopped up into tectonic plates, welded back together, and soldered to a chain. It was impressive. It was unusual. It was large and in charge.
That's when the term 'trainwrecklace' was born.
In honor of that serendipitous moment of inspired nonsense, I humbly present a few examples of the form. I hope I've found some creations that aren't just large. Size does matter (as they say), but it's surely not the only thing (as they also say). To qualify as a trainwrecklace, a piece needs to have IMPACT. What is impact? As is the case with so many things in life (pornography and hairplugs being just two examples), you know it when you see it.
Some would euphemistically call these 'conversation pieces'. That's probably accurate, but in many cases I suspect the wearer will not be in on the conversation.

I'm sure I'll return to this topic in the future, since there is no shortage of...chainwreckage...(see what I did there?) in the crafting world, and all around us in general, festooning the necks of brassy broads and daring divas everywhere.

Necklace with Five Crocheted Rings:

HUGE Black FW Pearl Grey Mother of Pearl Donut BIG Necklace and Earrings - VIRR:

Ring My (Porcelain) Bell Necklace:


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