Monday, March 2, 2009

Handmade. Feminine. Products.

Some words just don't seem right together. Like vegan soap (but I'll save that discussion for a future post.) Handmade panty liners...the term doesn't sit right somehow.

Feminine products that are handmade harken back to Pioneer House for me. I'm not sure we need to revive that type of handicraft. What do you think? Even just reusable ones seem questionable. Well, some people apparently feel otherwise, and their handiwork is our comic fodder, or at least our voyeuristic curiosity.
For the sake of the hardworking employees at drop-off laundry spots across the land, I really hope these are handwash-only.

Don't Bug Me Set of Three Cloth Menstrual Pads:

Panty Liner Frenzy Mama Pad Set of Five:



  1. I can almost get my head around the reusable menstrual products, but seriously how could anyone want them to have bugs on them?


  2. Yeah, the bugs are a deal breaker. And is that... Shrek? Really?

    More here:

    I'm just... not sure.

  3. ya its really very cute thanks for all these..

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