Monday, March 2, 2009

From the Smitten to...

OK, because it's a snowy day and my first day doing this, I'm going to post one more link. This one strikes very close to my heart, because as some (all?) of you know, I once had a grand vision for a knitted product myself. It was a little gem for cold-weather couples to be called the Smitten, but to my eternal disappointment, I never did anything with the idea and someone else got there first, with the same name and everything. So let's never speak of it again.

Meanwhile back in the land of acceptable topics, these bizarre creations are quite brilliant, I think. Well, perhaps not practical or necessary or even useable, but in their own crazy way brilliant. Smitten fans, you will see the similarities right away.

The Sternlab site has lots of great creations. My favorite might be the Drooling Buddy for Air Travel (though the photo is unfortunately reminiscent of a hostage scene; see my earlier post about Sad Models). Seriously, these are GENIUS!



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  1. I will say that I constructed something similar to the Laptop Compusock using a pashmina on a bus ride to Massachusetts recently. I needed to keep the glare off the screen of the portable DVD player.