Friday, July 2, 2010

The Uncozy Season: A Craftophile's Lament

Friends, it's no wonder I started this blog on a cold day in March (that would be 2009, for those of you who care). Yes, it was the height of cozy season here in NYC, a time when everyone longs to throw another sweater on the fire (did I get that idiom wrong?). Even inanimate objects seem to require outerwear.

It was in those heady, frigid days that Kraftomatic was born.

But now it's July.

What's a crafter to do when really no part of the body needs a sweater?

I bring you knitted earbud covers.

Instructables shows you how to knit your own.

And with that, I wish you a warm and fuzzy 4th. StumbleUpon


  1. I'm sure all we iPod users will be knitting up a storm now.

  2. I'll bet my grandchildren would be delighted to receive this from Gramma for their birthdays. Yeah. Right.