Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trick or Treat, Guinea Pig Style

I'm not liking this one bit.

About the reindeer costume, the seller advises:  "The costume looks a bit small, but this is only because this particular cavy is pregnant, the belly strap actually goes just behind her front legs."

I think I've heard enough.

Guinea Pig Costumes -- Princess, Reindeer, Camouflage (?): StumbleUpon


  1. hi, nice find but are you with that PETA? theyre the kinda ppl that say you can't have a cat/dog as a pet and kfc are evil for eatin chooks and stuff...

    well, just that hard 2 tell since me and my friends and their kids have cavy costumes and we could never harm the beautiful things (their backs are fragile as toast and easily can break) i have costumes like these myself and have NEVER harmed them.

    yeah these are COSTUMES, *NOT* HARNESSES (grin) and pregnant or not i can safely say that not a single costume (ok there are a few of these going around) has ever killed or damaged a guinea pig since these are waaaaaaaaaay too damn loose to be used as a collar/harness/restraining device.

    otherwise, nice find and keep blogging!

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